Strong And Stylish Nylon Double Dog Walking Leash



Strong And Stylish Nylon Double Dog Walking Leash


Pet owners, dog walkers, and trainers are bragging about this leash. And do you want to know why... Now you can easily walk two dogs at the same time with this Double Leash. Now you have an option to walk two dogs at the same time.  Comfortable handle ensures a stress-free walk for you and your pups no matter if you are a trainer or a dog parent. The straps are made of quality nylon. This leash is a very good quality and very durable.

Key Benefits

  • Made from heavy-duty nylon.
  • Sturdy, Durable and  High Quality
  • Perfect for dog parents, walkers and dog trainers. This double leash ensures that you don't need to have two separate leashes to walk to dogs at the same time. This is a perfect product if you need to walk two dogs.
  • Length is Approx.  125 cm
  • Uniquely designed with its swivel clips to prevent tangles for hassle-free walks.
  • Can be easily used with dogs for enjoyment and comfort of both dogs and dog parents.



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