Retractable Dog Leash - One-handed Lock



Retractable Dog Leash - One-handed Lock

This popular leash is every dog owner's dream. Customers are raving about it and we brought it back because of the popularity it had. Please get yours today before we run out of it. The locking mechanism makes it easier to manage how far your dog is able to walk while on the leash if you get a 15.5 feet leash your dog will have lots of freedom without being let off the leash. Because let's face it sometimes we just can't let our dog run loose. So in a situation like this, your dog has a lot more room to move than other dogs.


Quantities are limited.

 Dog Leash

  • Pattern: Solid
  • One Handed Lock
  • Material: Nylon
  • Available in: 5 meters length (approx. 15.5 feet) AND 3 meters length (approx 9.3 feet length)