The Perfect Travel Dog Water Bottle and Travel Dog Bowl Set To Keep Your Dog Hydrated While You Are Outdoors Or Traveling


Make sure your dog is hydrated at all times with this portable water bottle! You can take it with you anywhere you go and you can also use it while at home. Keep your dog healthy and happy to make sure he/she lives longer and happier life. Get your bottle today and enjoy walks with your dog.

Also included in the set is a foldable feeding bowl, to make sure your fur baby is feed as well as hydrated.

Benefits of the Perfect Travel Dog Water Bottle and Dog Bowl Set
  • Ours are made of quality materials. This dog travel bowl will carry your dog’s food and water and keep it perky for the many years to come. 
  • We have designed the greatest collapsible dog bowl and travel dog water bottle that will save you some time and energy thus keeping your pets happy and healthy at all times and circumstances!
  • Provide your four-legged friends, only fresh and clean water and eliminate the risk associated with lurking bacteria from public fountains and lakes as well as other places.
  • The travel dog bowl can be easily folded, unfolded and hooked via its clip to your backpack or the leash.
  • Cleaning is pretty easy too, as you can hand wash both kits and keep them germ-free for your fur babies.
  • No more water spilling all over the place. Both can be easily carried along everywhere you go.