Beagle Printed Bath Mat, Rug and Toilet Seat Cover Set (Customizable)

$49.95 $89.99


Love anything that has Beagles on it? Then you have got to see what we have to offer!

This set of 3d printed bathroom accessories consists of a rug, a bath mat and a toilet seat cover 3d printed with a cute Beagle pup who just wants to play with you! All three have an anti-slip back, and the toilet seat cover can be easily slipped on your toilet seat! These are safe, washable and a beautiful way of decorating your bath.

Want you own design om the 3 pcs bathroom accessories? Then today must be your lucky day! Just place an order, send us a high-quality image and we will send over your custom-made bath mat, rug and toilet seat cover! What a perfect gift idea for your family and friends! Get it while it's hot! 

Material: Cotton Linter
Back Material: rubber non slip floor mat
Front Material: warmer flannel kitchen shower carpet
Package Inclusions: 1 Bath Mat, 1 Rug, 1 Toilet Seat Cover
Customizable: Please send a high-quality image


Bath Mat - 79 cm x 49 cm

Rug - 49 cm x 39 cm

Toilet Seat Cover - 44.5 cm x 34.5 cm