3M Dual Retractable Leash



Got two dogs that love daily walks at the park? Then the Dual Retractable Leash is for you! It's durable, retractable and both leash extends up to 3M in length. Get control over two dogs using just one leash! Want to know more about the 3M Dual Retractable Leash ? Check out the details below!:

  • gain control over two dogs at a time with just one leash
  • each leash can extend up to 3M
  • each line is given a corresponding color - green and orange for easy distinction
  • get to choose between 3 handle colors - Black, Pink and Gray
  • a single button stops the lines from extending 
  • can hold up to 50lbs of weight

Color: Black, Pink, Gray
Leash Colors: Green and Pink
Leash Length: 3M